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Patrick Fronczek

Chairman of the Foundation
Managing directors of the subsidiaries
Olaf Schwede

Deputy Chairman of the Foundation

Uwe Dedek

Head of operations & internal organisation
Jonathan Schütz

Business Development (Development)
Real Estate Development

Pedagogical management

E-mail: paedagogische-leitung [at] azubiwerk.de
Reception team - Wandsbek

Phone: 040 6077144-70
E-mail: reception [at] azubiwerk.de
Reception team - Harburg

Phone: 040 883609-490
E-mail: empfang-harburg [at] azubiwerk.de
Reception team - Münzviertel

Phone: 040 883609-290
E-mail: empfang-muenzviertel [at] azubiwerk.de


More and more companies are struggling with recruitment problems. The housing shortage in many metropolises is increasingly becoming a criterion for not starting an apprenticeship there. In addition, there are more and more challenges that trainees have to face during their training. We therefore not only offer affordable housing, but also the support that young people may need during their training.

Our pedagogical team supports the trainees on their way to an independent life under the premise of "accompanying instead of supervising". This gives them more time to concentrate on their training.

The educational team is on site 7 days a week. Funding is provided in part by tax-deductible donations from the Azubiwerk support group. As a member of the sponsoring organisation, you can support the Azubiwerk Foundation financially on a monthly basis and thus make a contribution to improving the social situation of trainees. Becoming a member of the support group is easy: simply send an enquiry via the Contact form . Membership can be cancelled on a monthly basis. You will receive an annual donation receipt for the contributions paid in accordance with §50 Para. 1 EStDV. You can then claim the donations in your tax return.

The Stiftung Auszubildendenwerk is recognised as a non-profit organisation in the area of youth welfare by the Hamburg North Tax Office under tax number 17/415/02190 in accordance with Section 52 (2) sentence 1 no. (n) 4 AO.

Our offer is finding more and more supporters. Companies benefit from the low-cost accommodation on site, as this allows them to recruit applicants regardless of where they live. As part of a co-operation with Azubiwerk, training companies can work with us to improve the social situation of trainees and further increase the attractiveness of vocational training. 

Please contact us about this possibility via our Contact form to.