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Information about our rooms

All our rooms are offered fully furnished and are usually shared with other trainees.
Each flat share has a fully equipped kitchen and a full bathroom.
Rent and ancillary costs are charged at a flat rate, which includes all costs for furnishings, operating and heating costs.

Age limit16 - 26 years18 - 26 years18 - 26 years18 - 26 years
Rent (1)
Single flat258 €
plus 210 - 241 € NK
270,38 €
plus 205,62 € NK
274 €
plus 241 € NK
Room in shared flat for 2 people247 €
plus 195 - 219 € NK
257,8 €
plus 205,62 € NK
260 €
plus € 195 NK
264,50 €
plus € 198 NK
Room in shared flat with 3 people238 €
plus 195 - 210 € NK
250,38 €
plus 205,62 € NK
254 €
plus € 195 NK
258 €
plus € 198 NK
Room in shared flat with 4 people238 €
plus 195 - 225 € NK
250,38 €
plus 205,62 € NK
Bicycle parking space
(limited availability)
free of charge4,12 € / monthfree of chargefree of charge
Car parking space
(limited availability)
Underground car park
53,00 € / month
Outdoor car park
53,00 € / month
Underground car park
148.75 € / month
Information will follow.
Motorbike parking space
(limited availability)
Underground car park
18,00 € / month
Underground car park
89,25 € / month
Information will follow.
Equipment - General
WLAN (incl.)
Laundry room with dryers
(additional costs, control via app)
Facilities - Room
(incl. slatted frame and mattress)
90 cm x 200 cm140 cm x 200 cm140 cm x 200 cm140 cm x 200 cm
Wardrobe80cm wide200 cm wide200 cm wide200 cm wide
Desk chair
LAN connection in the room
Landline telephoneYes
 Flat rate included
Flat rate included
Chest of drawers
TV connection in the room
Bedside table
Equipment - Kitchen
Oven✓ (2)
CookerElectric cookerInduction cookerInduction cookerInduction cooker
Dishwasher✓ (3)
Sink unit
Common rooms


Questions and answers about applications, tenancy agreements, halls of residence and facilities.

Rental agreement

Can I get a tenancy agreement if I don't have a training contract but am still interviewing for a job?

If you do not yet have a training contract or confirmation from a training company, no rental contract can be concluded. Your name will then be put back on the waiting list.

I have submitted all the documents: when will the tenancy agreements be concluded?

Once we have received and checked all your documents, we will consider you for the next room allocation. You will usually receive further information after 2-4 weeks. Important: Inclusion in the further procedure is not a binding room allocation.

If I cannot transfer the deposit in full, what should I do?

The deposit, like the rent, must always be paid in full. If you have financial difficulties, you can get a loan from the employment agency. Please contact the Youth Employment Agency for this: Click here.

Can I choose a room or will I be allocated one?

We endeavour to take into account all requests. However, we may decide otherwise in the interests of the flat composition.

Can I choose who I want to share a flat with?

In principle, we will also try to take into account your request for a specific flatmate (if you specify this by name). However, we may decide otherwise, because otherwise the room allocation will not work.

Can you tell me who else will be living in my flat share before I sign the tenancy agreement or move in?

Unfortunately, for data protection reasons, we are unable to provide you with the names and contact details of future flatmates.

Can I change rooms during the occupancy period?

This is only possible in justified exceptional cases.

How long does the tenancy agreement run for?

The term of the rental agreement is always until the end of the training programme plus 3 months.

How long is the cancellation period?

In accordance with the statutory provisions, the tenancy agreement can be terminated on the third working day of a calendar month for the end of the calendar month after next. This means, for example: If you terminate your tenancy agreement on 3 April at the latest, the agreement will run until the end of June.

What costs are incurred in addition to the rental costs?

The all-inclusive rent covers all ancillary costs (heating, water, rubbish charges etc.), electricity, internet and telephone.

In the rental agreement, I am supposed to sign a direct debit authorisation or a SEPA direct debit mandate for €30/month. Why?

With your signature, you give us the opportunity - if necessary - to debit rent arrears of a maximum of 30 euros per month from your account. If you would like to purchase something from the Azubiwerk (e.g. a jumper with a print), we can also debit the money from your account. This is not a regular direct debit, but you only authorise us to make a direct debit with prior notice.