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The non-profit Azubiwerk Foundation creates affordable housing and offers educational advice as well as support services for apprentices - true to the motto: "More than just affordable housing for apprentices".

Due to high rental costs, it is hardly possible for young people in apprenticeships to live close to their training locations. Cities with high appeal, such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, increasingly exceed the prices for accommodation of what is deemed affordable for young people in training. This is in stark contrast to the mobility demanded on the labor market. Housing shortages become the main reason for young people to not want to start an apprenticeship in a large city.

This is precisely why the Azubiwerk Foundation has been running a residential complex for 156 apprentices in Hamburg-Wandsbek since 2016. At the beginning of 2020, a second dormitory in Hamburg-Harburg with 191 rooms was completed. The offer includes not only low-cost rent but essentially educational support and spacious communal areas as part of their housing idea. Additional residential complexes are being planned and constructed in Hamburg and other cities.

In cooperation with numerous supporters, politicians, social partners, chambers and associations, as well as companies, we want to offer even more apprentices a home and support in the future. Through this we play our part in further increasing the attractiveness of apprenticeships in Germany.