The summer of 2018 is here!

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The trainees spend the first beautiful days of the year together on our roof terrace having a barbecue.

We now have our own library

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In the middle of February we set up a bookcase for the residents of the Azubiwohnheim. In several categories (novels, thrillers, cooking & baking … etc.) books are available free of charge. The trainees have the opportunity to submit book requests. In addition, own books that have already been read can be made available to other residents via the library.

A new photo-group

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At the beginning of the year, our newly founded Foto-AG took off for the first time. The focus was on night scenes. As a start-up capital of the Photo-AG was a donation of the Foundation Farideh + Dieter Benecke, so cameras and the necessary equipment could be purchased.

Fitness boxing

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boxraum-1Finally, the fitness boxing room is ready. Everyone in our apprentice dorm can take advantage of this offer at no extra cost. First and foremost, it is important to us that our residents have fun. In this room, the trainees have another opportunity to leave their stressful working day behind.

“Hamburg needs more Apprentice dormitories”

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The residents of the Apprentice dormitory in Hammerstraße have participated with their own block in this year’s 1st-May demonstration of the DGB Hamburg.The focus was on demands for more affordable housing for trainees. “We want to make it clear that training is an important part of the working world and the basic conditions have to be right”, says Finja, who moved from her school in Flensburg last year the Apprentice dormitory in Hamburg. Meanwhile, with all 156 rooms occupied, the number of applicants currently exceeds the number of available spaces by 2,500 which is roughly around 16 times more.

The bees are loose

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The dormitory now has 70,000 new residents or more precisely: bees. Two wooden huts with copper roofs have been constructed on the roof terrace to house the bees. Both bee colonies are being cared for by a Bee Company.

Our First honey

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It’s here, we introduce to you the first honey from our bee colony who live on the roof of Azubiwerk in Wandsbek.

Searching for living space for Trainees

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HAMBURGER Abendblatt from 11.08.2017 by Ulrich Gassdorf

With the first accommodation in Marienthal booked out. The first residence only for trainees in Hamburg is valid nationwide as a flagship facility.  In order to get a picture of the interior, Andrea Nahles (SPD) visited the premises on the Hammerstraße on Thursday. “This is a nationwide project that makes exactly the right offers for the needs of trainees,” said Nahles. A week earlier, Social Senator Melanie Leonhard (SPD) was also visiting to congratulate the one-year anniversary.

“We’ve had more than 2700 applicants for the 156 rooms,” said Patrick Fronczek, Managing Director of Stiftung Azubiwerk, who is the owner of the dormitory. “We are currently fully occupied and are looking for real estate in order to build more dormitories.” In Hamburg there are about 36,000 people in dual company training, “Therefore there is an urgent need for affordable housing for this target group. We agree with politics, “said Fronczek. But the implementation is not easy: the goal of the foundation is to create a total of 1000 dormitory places at six locations in Hamburg by 2022. Up till now, however, Fronczek and his co-workers were only able to secure an area at Helmsweg in Harburg. There should be from 2018/2019 around 190 new places created there.

In addition to the 156 rooms in Azubiwerk, approximately 300 other places, for example, are available for trainees in the dormitories of the Studentenwerk at the Kiwitsmoor and on Rahlstedter Street, according to the social authority. Trainees can also rent in the so-called Smartments, i.e. modern furnished apartments at the Hühnerposten(nightclub), but for 495 euros including additional costs per month. Azubiwerk is considerably cheaper: a room in a quadruple apartment costs around 350 euro per month, including additional costs and free Wi-Fi. The special feature of Azubiwerk is also that there are also minor trainees who can live there. This is a first in Hamburg, according to Fronczek. This is possible because a pedagogical support is offered there.

Support – albeit not in the form of land – is given to the Azubiwerk Foundation by Senator Leonhard: “I am pleased that Azubiwerk has been so well received in its first year,” she said. SPD MEP Hansjörg Schmidt also said: “The high demand makes it clear that we in Hamburg need more dormitories for trainees. There must be much more space for the trainees.”

The Chamber of Commerce also advocates a wider range of services: “The Hamburg economy is also dependent on trainees from the countryside, but they can only work here if they are also offered affordable housing – and that is unfortunately in short supply in the Hanseatic city, “said Vice-President André Mücke the evening paper.

The CDU makes it clear: “If the red-green Senate does not manage to identify suitable vacant areas for dormitories, it is necessary to think creatively. This includes the construction of Apartments over the train tracks, as decided by Parliament, “said the Member of Parliament Carsten Ovens.


In the meantime, the Azubiwerk Foundation could soon be expanding into other cities. According to Abendblatt-Information, there may be talks for locations in Frankfurt and Munich.

Senatorin Dr. Leonhard accepts sponsorship

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The Hamburg Sozialsenatorin Dr. Melanie Leonhard has taken over the sponsorship for the Azubiwerk. In a formal ceremony today she presented to us the deed and emphasized the great importance of Azubiwerk for the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg. She pursued the development of the apprentice dormitory in Wandsbek with great interest and officially opened it in 2016.

Applying for Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe

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Trainees receive vocational training assistance if the training company is too far away from the parents house to be able to live with their parents. Vocational training (Berufsbildungsbeihilfe) (BAB) is provided during vocational training or a preparatory vocational training course.

Application: Vocational training is provided on request. The application must be submitted to the Employment Agency in the district where you are resident.