Affordable living space for Trainees

Geschrieben von Wolfgang Nacken am November 7, 2017. in Press

Hamburger Wirtschaft from 16.09.2016 by Janine Thomas


At the start of the new training year, the Azubiwerk foundation – with the support of the Chamber of Commerce – opened a dormitory specifically for minor apprentices.


In Hamburg, High above the rooftops of Wandsbeks there is something to celebrate. The smell of grilling is in the air. David Trenkhorst has a stimulating conversation with his parents. He has travelled to the inauguration of the trainee dormitory. He will not move in until a few days later when he starts his training as a flight equipment mechanic at Lufthansa Technik.

David was lucky: he was able to get a room in a 4 bedroom apartment. The supervisors of Azubiwerk considered his location and of course his age: At the age of 17, a commute from Sottrum located in the district of Rotenburg in Lower Saxony to Hamburg is simply not reasonable.

Jennifer Piotrowicz has lived in the apprentice residence for 14 days. Her room in the two-room apartment costs around 350 euros.

For the past year she has been part of Deutsche Bahn’s “Chance Plus” vocational training program; in September she began her training as a specialist in the hospitality industry. Her room has everything the 19-year-old needs: a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and a shelf for personal belongings. Pictures of friends and family have already found their place. The kitchen and bathroom are shared by Jennifer with her roommate; Community areas on the ground and Top floors offer plenty of space for communal activities.

“The roof terrace is the most beautiful part. In good weather you have a wonderful view of Wandsbek, “says Jennifer. David added:” In the dorm there is a lot of emphasis on self-determination and participation. I look forward to finally taking my life in my own hands. ”

The roof terrace is now full of people ethusiastic about the first day in Azubiwerk, admiring the view and the freshly-laid herb garden.

Every guest at the opening ceremony has been provided with a small plant decorated with their name to plant in the herb garden. The basil, parsley and chives are symbols of good will towards the young people who are now beginning their professional life.

Between Apartment life and working shifts: Hamburgs apprentice residence arrives

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FOCUS from 15.09.2016

Roof terrace, cinema room, built in kitchen – in Hamburg’s first residence for trainees, young people not only find reasonably priced living space, but also pedagogical support and the chance to make new friends easily in a strange city. The apprentices seem to like the concept.


“I really wanted to get a place and was glad when the confirmation came,” says Aaron Schürmann. The 18-year-old Düsseldorfer has started his apprenticeship as a Hotel Professional at 25hours-Hotel in Hafencity. “No matter whether you work shifts or just want to have a rest. We all take care of each other here, “he says as he presents the apartment, which he shares with his three roommates.


Trainees between the ages of 16 and 27 can apply. “If you come from outside, chances are good. Minors and the trainees of smaller farms are also easily preferred. We want to have a colourful mix, “explains Wolfgang Nape, pedagogical director of the dormitory. Trainees from twelve countries and four continents are currently living here.


The pedagogical approach is unique to the concept of Azubiwerk. Because young people should be cared for as much as possible and at the same time have their own space and time for themselves. “I think it’s cool to stay in a separate apartment, but still have the opportunity to meet new people here,” says the 19-year-old resident of Finja Ohrt of the North Sea island of Pellworm. In order to get in touch with other residents and also to know the city better, the management team offers a variety of leisure activities: Bicycle tours, table football and film evenings or table tennis tournaments are intended to promote socializing within the community.


Fronczek and Nacken looking forward to creating other projects as the number of applicants rise. The contracts for the construction of two residential accommodation buildings have already been signed in Harburg and Steilshoop. “Our goal is to create over 1000 places for trainees by 2022,” says Nacken.

With interest expressed by many other German states it looks possible that the project will expand Southward in future.