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Every year approximately 6,000 young people from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and other federal states come to Hamburg to complete their three-year dual vocational training course – the practical part of the training takes place in the company, which Theory part in the vocational school. This means that approximately 18,000 trainees work in Hamburg, who either commute to, or need housing in Hamburg. There are approximately 38,000 trainees in Hamburg aged between 15 and 20s.

For this purpose Azubiwerk is currently developing a dormitory for 156 trainees in Wandsbek, which allows the trainees to live in apartments for 2 to 4 persons.


Geschrieben von Azubiwerk am February 22, 2018. in -, Foundation, Living

Trainees are confronted with numerous problems. Often the necessary support cannot be guaranteed by parents or companies.

For the residents of the dormitory, there will be a pedagogical accompaniment which will help with problems. In particular, minor apprentices will thus be able to begin a successful apprenticeship in Hamburg

In addition, Azubiwerk will offer advice on financial grants.


Geschrieben von Azubiwerk am February 22, 2018. in Foundation, Living

The successful completion of training is of high importance to all Apprentices. Azubiwerk will therefore offer or provide assistance to all Apprentices: through close cooperation with chambers, institutions and social partners, free support and assistance in training problems can be ensured. For this, Azubiwerk creates the necessary structures and networks.