Ordering Flyers

Geschrieben von Wolfgang Nacken am November 7, 2017. in For companies

On this page companies can order leaflets to supply to apprentices which include information regarding the dormitory in Wandsbek.


Geschrieben von Wolfgang Nacken am November 7, 2017. in For companies, Foundation

Almost half of all trainees in Hamburg companies are not originally from Hamburg. These trainees have to find housing in Hamburg which is very difficult due to their low income and their often very young age. In the first year of apprenticeship, the average tariff training allowance was 664 euros gross and averaged 737 euros gross over the entire training period. About 30% of all trainees in Hamburg are minors at the beginning of the training.

In the Hamburg housing market, inexpensive housing is difficult to find, not all landlords are willing to rent to young people without collateral. For students in Hamburg there are over 3,950 affordable rooms in the 23 student dormitories of the Studentenwerk. In Hamburg there are about 38,000 apprentices – but until now no comparable facilities have been found.

However it is more than just a cheap living space.

Hamburg’s trainees need further support and consulting services that can be permanently implemented via a Auszubildendenwerk. In this way, the attractiveness of the dual training in Hamburg can also be strengthened and the need for skilled workers to be secured sustainably.

In the year 2008 the Association ” Ausbildungsstart ” was founded, since 2010 “Stiftung Azubiwerk” (non-profit Realization Society). The aim is to improve the living conditions of the trainees with different projects. The most important project is the first residence for apprentices in Hamburg-Wandsbek.

The Auszubildendenwohnheim will offer young people in the training of cheap housing and contribute to a better networking of the trainees. This dormitory will be the basis to offer even more affordable housing for trainees and other support services in the future.